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Olivia DoranYesDayYes

Lucy WattersYesDayYes

Jonny & Jo smithNoNightNo
Sorry we can't make your big day as we are away on holiday wish you all the best xx

Sarah MullinYesDayNo
Cannot wait to see you two become Husband & Wife, I wish you all the happiness in the world! A lot of love to you both and your wonderful family! xxx

Michael MullinYesDayNo
Looking forward to your big day and a catch up with you both! x

Barry MooreYesDayNo

Elaine MooreYesDayNo

Corin BeattieYesDayNo

Amy AndersonYesDayYes

carla statherYesDayYes

Mark GilmartinYesDayYes

Liane and Derek Beattie YesNightYes
Thanks for invite look forward to celebrating with you both x

Shona prestonYesDayYes

Tony dicksonYesDayYes

Tony dunlopYesDayNo
Congratulations you two x

Nicola BoonYesDayNo
Can't wait to see you guys get married. Lots of love the boonlops

Steven HamiltonYesDayNo
Can't wait to share your magic day! Hope I last longer than allan did at my wedding! ;-)

Jess HamiltonYesDayNo
Can't wait to celebrate with you!!!!!!xxx

kevin smithYesDayYes

Palmer SmithYesDayNo
I have ordered from the kids menu, thanks very much

Jeab SmithYesDayYes

Janette CoatesYesDayYes

Lisa Taylor and Thomas Sykes NoNightNo
Woo hoo your getting married! :DWhat we have chosen from the menu is; starters-Goats cheeseSmoked haddock Followed byAyrshire pork x2And to finish we would likeChocolate marquiseApple and ginger pieThank you xxx

Margo HornYesDayYes
Thank you both for your kind invitation, we greatly appreciate it, unfortunately Angus is unable to attend so just Margo with you on the day to join in your celebrations. Xx

Lisa TaylorYesDayNo
wayyyyy did it right xx

Thomas SykesYesDayNo
Whatever Tayls says

Michelle coatesYesDayYes
See you on the day. And enjoy ur self's. X

Tracy AndersonYesDayYes

Emma SimpsonYesDayNo

Dan FaichneyYesDayNo

Hayley SmithYesDayYes

Mark MacdonaldYesDayYes

Sarah Gabrielle ClarkeYesDayYes

Josh Gabrielle ClarkeYesDayYes

John GildayYesDayNo

Kerryanne WatsonYesDayNo

Jane MaddicksYesNightYes

Paul MaddicksYesNightYes

Vivienne SmithYesNightYes

Dean SmithYesNightYes

Claire MiddletonYesNightYes

Elaine RobertsonYesNightYes

Bruce RobertsonYesNightYes

Jane LumsdenYesDayNo

Michelle PearsonYesDayNo

Scott PearsonYesDayNo

Carolyn DurnoYesDayNo

Steve GreerYesDayNo

ross telforYesDayNo

carrie anne telforYesDayNo

Ruth CowperYesDayNo

Emma SmithYesDayNo
Meal suitably altered for egg/nut allergy. Please no fresh fruit for dessert. Thank you

Craig MooreYesDayNo

Nicola bellYesDayNo

Bobby bellYesDayNo

June boothYesDayNo

Jordon WhyteYesDayNo

Lori forbes YesDayYes

Jamws ForbesYesDayYes

Kath heenanYesNightYes

Jeff heenanYesNightYes

Kay and Robert SmiithNoNightNo
Congratulations to you both sorry we cannot be therexx

janie mannYesNightYes

sarah mannYesNightYes

beverley smithYesNightNo
sorry but graemes away offshore

graeme lamondNoNightNo

Beverley SmithYesDayNo
im sorry i did it wrong last ime

Layla Brown YesDayNo
Can't wait to spend the day with you both xxx

Scott SmithYesDayYes
Hope to see you there if I make it back from Lisbon x

Rhianwen MorrisYesDayYes
Wishing you both have a magical day with lots of love and laughter. Cannot wait to see you both x

Shannon MannYesDayYes

Martin GardenYesDayYes

Nicky WilliamsonYesDayNo

Susan CrawfordYesDayNo

Kelly KeillorYesDayYes

Gemma GrahamNoNightNo
Sorry we can't attend. We are away that weekend down south! Hope you both have an amazing day and all the best as mr&mrs Love gemma & ewan xx

Alan PyottYesDayNo

Donna petrieYesDayNo

Lorna and Dennis YesNightNo
Not sure about the bus yet... I'm looking to see prices for staying over will let you know asap hope that's OK x

Stewart and Ashley Mostyn YesNightNo

Maggie WilliamsYesNightYes

Davie WilliamsYesNightYes

James SmithYesDayNo

Fiona SmithYesDayNo

Dane SmithYesDayNo

Chris MaddicksYesDayNo

Vivienne KeeleyYesDayNo

Kirstie BeattieYesDayNo

Jason DallYesDayNo

Samantha CoatesYesDayYes
Good luck on the day and cant wait to see you xx

Sean HeenanYesDayYes
Me and Lisa will take a space on the bus going on the sat but not for coming back as we are staying on the sat night, however we have booked to stay both nights but are struggling to get a babysitter for the friday I will let you know what is going on as soon as we do cheers x

Lisa ButcherYesDayYes

Sorry I won't be able to make and share your day.I have to be back in Ghana!!! :(

Rosie mcleodYesDayYes

Iain mcleodYesDayNo

darlene mcleodYesDayNo

graham mcleodYesDayNo

Alanna russellYesDayNo

Scott McLeodYesDayNo

Emma swankieYesDayNo

David FogginYesDayYes

Emma WrayYesDayYes

John cargillYesNightNo

Katie forbesYesNightNo

Paul MaloneYesNightYes

Hayley spink & Ross smithYesNightYes

Lindsay & WendyNoNightNo
Very sorry but due to work commitments we cannot be there for your big day. Wishing you all the best for your future as Mr & Mrs. Hope you have an amazing day.

Kev law YesDayYes

Lisa Mckahey YesDayYes

Alana BeattieYesDayNo
Wooohoooo can't wait!! Xxx

Christopher BeattieYesDayNo

Alan CoatesYesDayYes

Stacy WilliamsYesDayYes
Can't wait :)

Alice Coates YesDayNo

Luke LawsonYesDayNo

Kenny KingNoNightNo

Can't wait for this happy happy dayOne very proud mummy xxxxx

Stevie and JennaNoNightNo
Sorry we can't make it. Hope you have a lovely day

Michael ReaYesNightYes

Alana wattYesDayNo

Gareth PyottYesDayNo

simone keeleyYesDayNo
hopeless romantic me! chufty wufty to be part of a beautiful love story .thanks a lot love simone xx

Tarryn BastianelliYesNightYes

Pauline MylesYesDayNo

Neil Cargill YesDayNo

Amanda millsYesDayNo

Caroline McCabeYesNightNo
Wishing you both all the love in the world xx

Robert McCabeYesNightNo

Adam DrodgeYesDayYes

Anna and JaymeYesNightNo

John cooper YesNightYes

Sev mcglashanNoNightNo
Sorry wishing you all the best but unfortunately we won't be able to join you as we are on holiday. Thanks for the invite.

Kenny & trishNoNightNo
We are very sorry but we can't make it to your special day but wish you both all the best xx